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Software testing is a lucrative option as technology makes inroads into every industry and sector

Software testing is a lucrative option as technology makes inroads into every industry and sector

Software testing is a new-age career with exponential growth potential. This is because, once the software is developed, it needs to be tested by experts. This means the growth of software testers is directly proportional to the growth of software developers, as designing various kinds of software tests will never go out of fashion.

What it involves

Software testing is a process of validating and verifying to check if the software application is bug-free and making sure that it does what it needs to do. A software professional across all levels spends most of his/her time performing these five tasks: implementing tests; developing and prioritising test procedures; designing tests; planning tests; testing strategy and documenting issues.

A software tester works by synergising multiple skill sets including analytics, creativity, and logic. Each day is a new challenge. While one might not earn recognition, a software testing professional’s role is extremely important. In fact, without them, the world could come to a halt. Last year, a software glitch forced social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stop operations for a few hours leading to a loss of millions of dollars. A software tester can dabble with several options like manual testing, performance testing, automated testing and more.

Educational qualifications

A B.E. or B. Sc, B.Tech in any stream is essential to understand the nuances of software testing. While programming experience is not essential, it could be an added advantage. A certified course will help one make inroads in the field. Since the work is data-driven, a little insight into coding will go a long way. Good communication skills are also essential.


The global IT segment continues to grow at a rate of 14% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) and is expected to reach a CAGR of $50 million by 2025. This opens up many avenues for professionals in this field. For instance, during the pandemic, the retail segment adopted technology on a massive scale, leading to numerous new software being created to ensure a seamless business transaction. This led to a huge demand for software testers; something that will not wane given how technology continues to advance. 

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