Roger Stone Urges Alex Jones to Sue His Own Lawyer as ‘Intimate Messages’ Between Duo Leak & More Live News

After lawyers representing the families of children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre said they had obtained “intimate messages” between Alex Jones and Roger Stone, the latter began to panic. So much so that Stone has since urged Jones to file a lawsuit against his lawyer F. Andino Reynal. “Note the first line in the bio of the lawyer representing Alex Jones,” Stone wrote on Telegram on Friday afternoon, citing Jones’ lawyer being appointed to a federal prosecutor post by former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder. “Now do you think his release of Jones text messages was ‘inadvertent’ or a mistake? If I were Jones I would sue this guy for the exact same amount that the jury finds against him.” The ongoing Stone meltdown follows the notorious self-described dirty trickster calling Sandy Hook family lawyer Mark Bankston a “watermelon head” a day prior. After this week’s rulings, Jones’ punitive and compensatory damages total to around 48 million. Neither Stone nor Reynal’s law firm returned The Daily Beast’s request for comment on Saturday morning.

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