‘Vertical allotments’ – the small space grow-your-own trend & More Live News

We all want to know how to make use of every inch of space in our homes, and our gardens are no exception. Spurred by the pandemic, vertical gardening has been the latest solution for those with small backyards or no outdoor space at all to enjoy the benefits of gardening using just a wall. But it’s not only about planting the odd petunia or geranium – a vertical allotment allows you to take your gardening skills up a level by growing your own food produce without the need for a garden. 

While a container garden is a simple way to enjoy the rewarding effects of nurturing your favorite plants using limited outdoor space, it still requires an area large enough for the pots. Not all of us (especially the city dwellers among us) are fortunate to even have a balcony or courtyard suitable, let alone an entire backyard. This is where outdoor allotments come into their own. With one of these set up in your small garden or on your balcony, all you need to grow vegetables is a vertical wall. 

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